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Inside REFASH: I encourage everyone to consider becoming a REFASH Franchisee

“I was very excited from the start & now I’m very satisfied,”

- Gilbert Salonga, REFASH’s Northpoint City Franchisee.

Gilbert owns a store in Lucky plaza where he customises sports jerseys and uniforms with their main customers being Filipinos. In the same store, they have a small retail section which sells second-hand clothing that caters to those with a low budget.

Today, Gilbert owns the REFASH outlet at Northpoint City #02-156/157 which launched in November 2018.

Gilbert shared with us his experience as a REFASH Franchisee for these past few months.

What were you doing before you became a REFASH Franchisee?

I first met Aloysius in early 2017 when he was looking to open a REFASH outlet in

Lucky Plaza. He had approached me to inquire about an available space I had in my store which he later realised was not a feasible plan for REFASH at that time. Aloysius then suggested to supply my store with some of REFASH’s stocks which turned into a great 2-year-long partnership.

How did you learn about the REFASH franchise program? And how did you become one?

Aloysius approached me when there was an opportunity to open another REFASH outlet in Northpoint City. I was very excited as the response towards Aloysius’ stocks in my own store have been very great and I could see a lot of potential in this opportunity. At that time, I was also looking to expand my own business and after some discussion with my wife and Aloysius, we realised that joining REFASH would offer us the development we were striving for. It was actually rather straight forward for me when considering this franchise program.

I realised that the business model and system REFASH has adopted is very manageable, especially so for new franchisees. An example would be the way REFASH accounts for their inventory/stocks, which makes the life of their franchisees much easier.

I’ve been very happy with my choice of joining their franchise program ever since!

How have these past few months been for you/NPC?

I would say that it has been very amazing for me and my wife. We felt like it was the right decision to venture into this as we could see how profitable this business is, especially in such a short span of time (since we started). I feel very satisfied currently and excited for what’s to come in the future.

I’ve actually been discussing with Aloysius on the possibility of opening another REFASH in Lucky Plaza. If the plans pull through, we will be starting renovations on my current shop there to convert half of the space into a new REFASH outlet.

Did you receive any assistance from REFASH Headquarters? How helpful were they?

We have been receiving tremendous help from the headquarters ever since we started. They have helped us a lot in allocating manpower to the store especially when we first started and had no sales staff hired. They also provided us with assistance when we were trying to hire and when our sales staff are all unavailable. They also supported us in other aspects like visual merchandising, processing, marketing and especially for stocks.

They guided us slowly in acquiring inventory directly from sellers. To make sure we can self-sustain our own stock’s flow, they even planned a Sellers’ Day Campaign recently to gather inventory for our store and it was a huge success.

Do you encourage others to join this program? If so, what is one piece of advice you would like to give them?

I’m already doing it right now to my friends and family! To anyone considering to join this program, ‘cash flow’ would be the most important thing. Other than that, you have to stay positive and keep an open mind. The majority of the conversations we’ve had with others about this franchise program revolved around the fact that it’s lacking a sense of security. However, I believe that when venturing into a new business, these things simply comes with. I do understand that many of my peers are used to working 9 to 5 jobs, but if they are expressing an interest in joining this program, being open-minded will be very useful.

For anyone who still has their doubts, simply express your interests to REFASH and they will provide you with the financial statistics you need.

Find out more about becoming a REFASH franchisee here


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