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Inside REFASH: Meet Trisyia, our Retail Associate

Updated: Oct 29, 2018

Working in Retail is tough. From standing all day to handling 'difficult' customers, it takes patience, diligence and a lot of energy (or caffeine). Besides carrying out basic duties like serving customers and managing the store, our retail associates are given several other responsibilities too so that our customers can have the best experience!

How is it like to work at REFASH? We spoke with Trisyia about her experience working at REFASH as a retail associate.

Hi everyone! My name is Trisyia and I’m 22 this year. I’m currently a student studying at PSB Academy and I work part-time at REFASH as a retail associate!

How did you start working at REFASH?

When I was studying for my diploma, I had quite a lot of free time so I wanted to work part-time to earn some money. I went online to search for a part-time job and I came across REFASH on one of the platforms.

How long have you been working at REFASH?

About 2 years! I worked at different outlets, like PoMo and City Plaza and also at Cathay and Suntec City in the past when REFASH had stores located there.

What do you do at REFASH?

I mainly attend to customers’ needs, arrange the clothes/merchandise, handle cashier duties, steam iron newly processed clothes to make sure they are nicely displayed, and label the bag of clothes that customers drop off.

Also, I help customers with inquiries about how to sell at REFASH by explaining the selling process to them.

What do you enjoy about your job?

It’s a really chill and fun environment to work in! Everyone is super nice, easy going and welcoming. The bosses are also very friendly and generous. Plus, I get to see so many different types of clothing so sometimes, I shop for my own clothes while working too!

What's the most challenging thing about your job?

When the delivery courier arrives to drop off customers' clothes, there's a lot of deliveries that I have to receive, while handling the shop at the same time. After receiving the deliveries, I'll have to label the bags of clothing with the customers' names / user IDs as well before handing it over to the Processing team. It was quite overwhelming at first, but I learned the importance of multitasking and it allowed me to gain a new skill!

How do you think REFASH has changed?

I think we have grown a lot in terms of how we handle our customers. For example, the selling process is much more organised and clear for sellers now compared to in the past. Besides clothing, the store also introduced a wide variety of merchandise (iphone cases, makeup brushes, notebooks, etc.) that you can shop from so that's really cool.

Overall, I think REFASH has grown so much over the past two years and I'm so glad to be a part of it!


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