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Inside REFASH: Why I have no regrets becoming a REFASH Franchisee

Zoey Chua has been in the business of reselling goods since she was 21.

After more than 5 years of experience in the fashion resale industry, Zoey decided that it was time she stepped out of her comfort zone and became her own boss.

Now, Zoey has her own REFASH store at West Coast Plaza, launched in April 2018.

We had a chat with Zoey about her experience as a REFASH Franchisee.

How did you become a REFASH Franchisee?

When I was 21, I was buying goods and reselling them at lucky plaza. At that time, I attended quite a lot of flea markets organised by 'Three Blind Mice'. That's how I first got to know Aloysius (Founder of REFASH), who was one of the flea organisers. The first time I approached him, I asked him some questions about the flea market and that was it. We didn't keep in contact or anything.

Until 2 years ago. We crossed paths again as I was buying some stocks from a wholesale shop at City Plaza, next to REFASH's store. We got to know each other better and at the beginning of this year, he talked to me about a franchise opportunity with REFASH. I took the opportunity and I'm so glad I did because it has been a really great experience!

How has your experience been?

It's been great! I was excited to become my own boss because of how I could do things at my 'own time own target'. Being in the resale industry for many years, I was glad that I could finally put all my years of experience and knowledge to good use!

Right from the start, the REFASH team ensured that every detail was well taken of care to help me run my business smoothly. It's really easy for me to operate my store because everything is already given, so all I have to do is my own accounts.

Did you receive any training?

I have experience in this industry so more or less I knew what to expect, but still the team helped me so much! They taught me everything, from the shop display to marketing to logistics. It only took a few weeks for us to get everything started.

I never felt like I was alone in this process because of all the support given to me. Whenever there’s something I need, I can simply make a phone call to whoever and receive help immediately. Be it customer service, marketing or logistics - I always know exactly who to reach out to!

I have no regrets being a REFASH Franchisee and I encourage everyone who's thinking of becoming their own boss to give it a shot!

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