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"Why I love REFASH" - Tracy Loh

Hi readers!

Welcome to the first blog post in our 'Customer Spotlight' series!

In this series, we'll be featuring our customers and their unique stories.

REFASH's success wouldn't have been possible without the incredible support of our community. Hence, we love talking to our customers and hearing what they have to say about us!

For our first feature, Tracy Loh shares with us why she loves REFASH, her personal style and closet must-haves!

Tracy Loh, 25

Hi! I'm Tracy. I'm 25, married blissfully and blessed with a beautiful princess who's currently 2 and I love dressing her up!


I started shopping at REFASH a few months ago when my colleague realised my clothes were very similar to those on REFASH. I kept complaining that clothes are so expensive nowadays as I literally shop for a new dress every 2 days so she recommended REFASH to me!

REFASH gives me plenty of options for items that are in trend at cheaper prices. They are 99% new too, so it's like buying from a forever sale store and you know, being Singaporean it's always about finding the best bang for your buck 👍🏻

How would you describe your style?

I would describe it as bold, loud, different. But on certain lazy days I just like to be comfortable. So it really depends how I'm feeling!

What are your closet must-haves?

FABULOUS DRESSES 😍 and shorts, pants or rompers, especially when I want to look cute but still be able to move around comfortably!

My Fashion Tip

Wear clothes that make you feel confident! Over the years, I've realised clothes have the power to enhance your confidence. It's like our 'lady armour'.

Never be afraid to venture out of your comfort zone with fashion. You'll be pleasantly surprised when people compliment you on your unique fashion sense!

With Love,


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